Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Hubby's Birthday Invitations

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We decided to kick it old school this year and send out official invitations to the hubby's birthday party. Who doesn't love real mail? He's pretty excited for gluten free pizza. There are now two places in our small town that offer gluten free crusts. One is Happy Joe's, home of his very first job, and the other, we just found out, doesn't even charge extra! It almost costs me more to make it at home. He adorably insisted that I don't do anything for his birthday but relax since my belly is growing ever, ever larger. Ahhhhh. (Who can argue with that?) Although, this was a couple hours after asking me if I'd give him a cleaned out garage as his Birthday present. Ahem.

He's also very excited to knock one more sci-fi film off "the" list. A year or two ago a friend of his suggested watching the top 100 sci-fi movies. They haven't made much progress lately so maybe this will help give them a kick start.

The most miraculous part of his birthday wishes was the suggestion to play a board game at the end! Minus family get togethers, he mostly swears off playing any games with me at all (I might be a tad bit competitive, every once in awhile). Not only did he want to play a board game, he suggested playing Puerto Rico: the game he got me for Christmas! So, I'm thinking, is this my birthday or his?! Don't let him know that though.

In honor of my amazing husband this is the card I put together for the invites to his one and only 31st birthday party, the last prime birthday he'll have for 6 years! (And even more noteably, the last birthday he'll have as a man without childrens running amuk (minus womb children of course, most noteably one seems to be trying to run amuk in my womb as we speak). It's got to be big, right?

Hubby Birthday Party Guidelines

-Keep the guest list short and sweet for max quality time.
-Eat delicious food.
-Reduce wifey stress at all costs.
-Enjoy and celebrate good friends, good food and each moment that we have together.

Isn't he a genius? I'm so blessed.
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