Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Frost's Bangkok Fancy

I'm experimenting with putting famous author's names and my favorite places in the names for pieces.  This is completely for fun.  Naming things is important but difficult and for now I'm going to delight my fancy.

Without further ado, a mediocre picture (still working on this whole picture taking thing) of Frost's Bangkok Fancy:

An exciting junction of pearls, jasper, magnesite, wood, glass, acrylic and mother of pearl come together by roads less traveled.  Will you join them?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Green Tie Pearl Celtic Necklace for St. Patrick's of course.

I'm currently experimenting with using the entire end of the tie for an asymmetrical look.  I think it looks a little more artistic and original but I know some people hate asymmetry!

This is a very long necklace.  I think I might add another few layers. I always fight between simplicity and complexity.  It is not always easy to find a happy medium!  I've also thought about adding more embroidery.  What do you think?

Unglued Craft Fest!

Hello! The Unglued Craft Fest in Fargo, ND was a huge success.  Here are some shots courtesy of Ashley Morken:

So, I've got great news!  People actually want to buy what I make :-)  Now I've got to get back to work because I sold almost everything I made! I also need to finish some custom orders, get them shipped out and put some things on the website.  Oh, and finish the website:-)

Thanks everyone for supporting me.  I couldn't follow this dream without you.