Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Thing I Made Today #19

Jasper. Sigh.

The Thing I Made Today #18

Funky nut beads for the win! Sorry about the blurry:

The Things I Made Today #17

I hope to make a few of these before my next show. What do you think? How much should I charge?

The Thing I Made Today #16

Sometimes simple is nice:

The Thing I Made Today #15

I heart wood!

The Thing I Made Today #14

Meet Olivia: Antique ribbon, antique lace, vintage wooden beads, recycled fabric and the only thing better than antique lace, an antique brooch!

The Thing I Made Today #13

I made a couple hairpieces for a friend when she got married, this is one she didn't choose:

Again with the antique lace I know! It's in too short a supply!

The Thing I Made Today #12

Variations on a theme:

1. I heart antique lace!

2. I have yet to master the taking of jewelry photos.

3. The flower is also a pin! Yay!

The Thing I Made Today #11

I like pins because they don't take very long, I can combine lots of different beads and they can be used on almost anything, including a necklace! Who isn't for versatile?

The Thing I Made Today #10

Sometimes you need to have a little fun:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Thing I Made Today #9

Inspiration: Lets just say I have some monthly inspiration and that the "weather" was frightful. Tomorrow is also the first day back at school for all the students and I wanted to inspire and encourage my coworkers.

Step 1: Have your Mom come over for Christmas.

Step 2. She will bring some pie crusts a bag of frozen rhubarb with her. Save them until you need them and then open them!

Step 3. Open freezer and find rhubarb and a giant bag of frozen blueberries you use for smoothies. Well, I use them for smoothies anyway.

Step 4. Find this recipe online. Follow it, kind of. I just dumped all the fruit in a bowl and defrosted in the microwave until it said "ready to be cooked into pie now please."

Step 5. Bake and then bake for longer because it wasn't long enough. Watch this movie on Netflix to help time go by faster. Okay, okay, it doesn't have to be that movie but it wasn't so bad. I like creative story lines.

Step 6. Eat 3 pieces. The first piece you eat because you have to make sure the pie is suitable and because you haven't eaten any lunch yet. The second piece you have to eat because sometimes the pie isn't equal in all places. The third piece you eat because you haven't gotten to eat a piece yet that didn't count as work.

Step 7. Bring to work, on your bike along with a pair of cross country skis. Because you can.

The Thing I Made Today #8

Alright. So, this isn't really something I made and it's not really crafty but I did put some little bulbs in a pot and look what happened:


The Thing I Made Today #7

Variations on a theme:

Camera 2:

The Thing I Made Today #6

Did I mention that I like jasper?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Thing I Made (Not Quite) Today #5


Step 1: Use elastic cord to tie together three pearl strands. Tie off with a surgeon's square knot. Add mega cancer glue if desired (E6000).

Step 2: Tie together with delightful ribbon.

Step 3. Give to cutest niece in the world.


The Thing I Made (A Couple Days Before) Today #4

Inspiration: A website with a great tutorial that I promise to find again but is currently lost.

Step 1: Find some fancy paper left by a previous coworker in a throw-a-way pile and stash it!

Step 2: Cut out a square.

Step 3. Cut opposing corners with an exacto knife into the square. Take a photo of this step because it is really hard to describe otherwise. (Okay, okay, I really promise to find that tutorial!)

Step 4. Tape or glue corners.

Step 5. Voila.


Monday, January 3, 2011

The Thing I Made Today #3

Inspiration by Anthropologie:
Sometimes things do not turn out anything like your inspiration, but that's ok!

Step 1: Find 3 lovely ribbons.

Step 2: Collect lovely things from here and there, new projects, old projects, finished projects.

Step 3: Combine!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Thing I Made (Fit) Today #2


Dress that fits now:Step 1: Buy super cheap dress at Target for pennies that is too big for you.

Step 2: Get an amazing serger from your Mom who is the world's best seamstress.

Step 3: Measure, if you're one of those people who can't guess very well.

Step 4: Serge down the side seams of the dress so that it fits and doesn't look like a moo moo.

Step 5: Wear with awesome new boots.

The Thing I Made Today #1


Step one: Cut up recycled t-shirt for ties

Step two: Strand one, attach wooden beads to chain with wire

Step three: Strand two, tie recycled wooden beads (from a vintage car seat) with batiked fabric and wind wire to secure

Step four: Strand three, deconstruct clearance necklace



Version Number 1, a present for a friend: